Ecubel supports Cliniclowns

Laughter makes you healthy

As a Belgian company Ecubel supports Cliniclowns. Every day the clowns bring distraction and fun to children and young people living with an illness or a disability in the hospital or institution. The CliniClowns team consists of eighteen clowns who visit sick children every day of the week. Each year, 22.000 children receive an invigorating visit from one or more cliniclowns. They put a smile on the face of children, allowing them to dream for a moment and escape the daily reality. Humour, playing games, imagination and creativity are their strength. Because laughter makes us healthy. 


Adopt a clown

CliniClowns does not receive any subsidies and is completely dependent on donations. Each 20 euro collected allows CliniClowns to go visit a child. As a company, you can do your part by donating your old IT infrastructure or to adopt a clown duo. In this way, 800 children are assured of a clown visit each year. Find out more on the Cliniclown website.



Because it should be like that. As a company, we believe in Corporate Social Responsibility. Ecubel functions in and because of society. It is logical for us that we also contribute to a positive society. Ecubel is not an island. We stand with both feet in society and want to take care of the people and the environment around us. Therefore, that is why.