Data Erasure

Protect your confidential data and information. Discover the data destroying of Ecubel. Safe, reliable and 100 percent guaranteed.

Certainty with certified destroying of data

The advantages of destroying of data

  • Confidential or secret information is deleted for a hundred percent
  • Guarantee with detailed report
  • Our Blancco technology is recommended internationally
  • For PC, server, data centre, smartphone, laptop and external hard drive

Clearing of hard drives and destroying of data

Important or confidential information should never fall into the wrong hands. Not even after the clearing of your IT infrastructure. Your concern is our concern. Ecubel guarantees hundred percent certainty for a safe and reliable destroying of data. All the data from the pc, computer, laptop, data centre, smartphone, external hard drive and server is surgically removed. Contact us today.

Advanced destroying of by Blancco 

Ecubel works with the best software for the destroying of data: Blancco. After destroying the data, no technology whatsoever can recover the deleted data. It is not a coincidence that NATO and TÜV recommend Blancco. The emptying, formatting and destroying of each hard drive is guaranteed. Blancco is certified and approved by dozens of national and international institutions.

Data erasure report

A detailed report is proof of a successful data erasure. Ecubel supplies you with a complete audit after destroying, emptying or reformatting of your PC or hard drive. If requested, the data carriers are also destroyed physically. This is also accompanied by a complete report. This allows you to trust the destroying of data destruction and you can follow it from a to z. Discover all of Ecubel’s services. 

Purchasing new IT infrastructure, selling old IT or questions about the destroying of data?
We would gladly have a look at the possibilities with you.