Corporate Social Responsibility is environmentally conscientious recycling, even of your IT infrastructure. IT recycling includes sorting, reuse, processing and donation.

Reliable recycling of IT and ICT infrastructure

The advantages of IT recycling

  • Usable components get a second life
  • Reliable
  • Environmentally conscientious
  • Raw materials are reused
  • Recognised by Recupel

Honest and solid recycling

Has your IT infrastructure been depreciated? We provide you with a reliable, ecological and environmentally friendly solution due to recycling. We collect the material across Europe, give you an inventory and organize the processing. Our partners convert your ICT and IT infrastructure into reusable raw materials. This ensures that your deleted data carriers are not just disposed of somewhere and you help establishing a green world. More info? Contact us.

IT recycling in four steps

·         Usable spare parts:
Usable IT spare parts get a new life as a sub-component of new IT systems, or stocked as a reserve part. The usable hardware is always tested and cleaned for a guaranteed perfect operation.

·         Sorting and recycling
Non-usable hardware is sorted and recycled. Ecubel works together with Recupel, an organizer for collection and processing of discarded electrical appliances, and OVAM, the Flemish Public Waste Agency. We thus think along with you about a beautiful and environmentally friendly future.

·         Employees benefit
Let employees enjoy the hardware that your company no longer uses. Depreciated hardware can be donated internally or sold to employees. Ecubel collects all devices: from your PC, laptop, smartphone to your tablet; cleans them and repackages them. Ready for new use and a happy employee.

·         Charity
Make your contribution to society and donated your depreciated hardware to charity. Ecubel will gladly assist you for a smooth organization and a guaranteed destroying of data. This way the charity will enjoy your hardware and not your data. Read more.

Purchasing new IT infrastructure, selling old IT or questions about the destroying of data?
We would gladly have a look at the possibilities with you.