Donate without any worries. Donate your depreciated IT infrastructure and support Cliniclowns or a charity of your choice.

Give the charity and your IT equipment a new life

Advantages of depreciated hardware for charity

  • Confidential or secret information is deleted for a hundred percent
  • Do not worry, just enjoy giving
  • Choose yourself what and how much you want to donate
  • You will receive a tax certificate
  • Support CliniClowns or a charity of choice

Donate your old IT products carefree

Your computer fleet is depreciated and replaced? Maybe you want to donate the IT equipment to a charity, school or foundation. Ecubel would like to assist you. In this way your charity can enjoy the benefits and we take the burden for our account. Moreover, you will receive a tax certificate. Find out what we can do for you. Contact us.

Collection, cleaning of hard drive and administration

Ecubel does not only collect your IT equipment throughout Europe, we also make an inventory and erase all the data on the data carriers. In this way we give you the assurance that confidential information is not disseminated. We will give you an indication of the residual value and format your PCs, laptops or servers. The ICT infrastructure will thus be ready for a new life. You choose yourself what and how much you want to donate to charity. We would gladly follow up on the administration for you. You enjoy giving.

Computers for Cliniclowns

Ecubel supports the Cliniclowns, a Belgian project. Every day, the clowns bring fun and distraction to children and young people living with an illness or a disability in the hospital or institution. The strength of the Cliniclowns is humour, playing games, imagination and creativity.


Purchasing new IT infrastructure, selling old IT or questions about the destroying of data?
We would gladly have a look at the possibilities with you.