IT service

IT service tailored to your business. Get to know our services, including system management, IT service management, upgrades, roll-out services and destroying of data.

IT service and system management

The advantages of our IT service 

  • Installation of complete IT infrastructure
  • Removal of your old IT hardware
  • System administrator and network administrator
  • Installing of computer, network, server and other hardware

IT service management

Ecubel places and installs new IT infrastructure. From server to laptop, from data centre to computer, printer and hard drive. We not only relieve you from your old hardware, but also provide a new up-to-date installation. With the latest technologies, both in terms of hardware and software. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Working in the Cloud

Access to your files, anytime and anywhere. Because of Ecubel IT service, you can work where your want, when you want. As a system and network administrator, Ecubel will install and set up updates and operating systems, your network security, solving of computer problems. In short, Ecubel ensures the proper functioning of each back-office and administration in the IT field.

Purchasing new IT infrastructure, selling old IT or questions about the destroying of data?
We would gladly have a look at the possibilities with you.