Ecubel Foundation

With the Ecubel Foundation, you are not only contributing to a circular society. You also make your positive mark in other ways, by investing in

tree-planting, helping young people with low-threshold therapy or encouraging jobseekers to develop their digital talents.  

How does it work?

You donate your old IT hardware to us. We provide a certified data wipe and give the residual value (after deducting costs) to charity. You decide what percentage you donate and which charity you support. This can be one of the good causes listed below or one that you pick yourself. 

  • Complete data deletion
  • Supporting a good cause

Tejo Houses

The 18 Tejo houses in Flanders offer low-threshold, therapeutic assistance to young people between 10 and 20 years of age. Short-term, immediate, anonymous and free, with professional therapists as volunteers. Young people's problems do not escalate further and they regain their strength. With this initiative, Tejo provides a solution to lengthy waiting lists and expensive private therapy, which are unaffordable for vulnerable young people.

We don't need to tell you that trees are doing a great job for us in the fight against global warming by absorbing CO. But they also contribute to a better society in many other ways. They purify our air, produce oxygen and are good for our general wellbeing. With Bos+ you support tree plantations in Belgium, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.


BeCode turns today's talented, vulnerable young people into tomorrow's bold developers. By donating the value of your hardware, you help them on their way to a promising career and you help combat the shortage on the job market.
And this might benefit your company too.

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