Help build a circular world by choosing to buy second-hand IT equipment.

We believe in a circular world. We started out with that mission way back, in 1985. A world where we treat our precious raw materials with more respect, reduce electronic waste and give everyone access to high-quality IT equipment.

And why not support a good cause at the same time?
Through our Foundation you can donate IT hardware and double your positive impact. We donate the residual value to the charity of your choice.

Sustainability in figures



85 %

Affordable IT


Pieces refurbished per year

€ 15.000


Long-term partnerships

We do not see ourselves as a purchaser, but as a partner. We are transparent in our communications, professional and reliable in our follow-up and fair in our pricing. We are always striving for sustainability, including when it comes to our partnerships.

Create opportunities for everyone

We believe that everyone deserves the best tools to build their own future. That’s our philosophy. We offer our staff plenty of opportunities, including training and coaching programmes, so that they can continue to grow. And young people are given the opportunity to gain experience at Ecubel during their studies.

Working towards a better living environment

How we deal with our raw materials and our waste determines the state of our living environment.  We therefore strive for a minimum footprint and maximum reuse. X% of all the equipment we collect is given a second life. We also generate part of our own energy with solar panels and a heat pump, and transport is organised as efficiently as possible.

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