100% secure certified GDPR compliant data erasure with Blancco

In times of data leaks, proper data deletion is essential. We work with Blancco technology for 100% secure data erasure.

Afterwards you receive a data erasure report confirming that all information has been deleted.
Zero data, zero worries.  

Certified data erasure with Blancco

Ecubel is a Gold Partner of Blancco data deletion.
Blancco is the global leader in this sector and is internationally recommended by NATO, TÜV and many other institutions.
It is a recognised quality label for 100% reliable data erasure. With Blancco you are therefore fully GDPR-compliant. Afterwards you will receive a data erasure certificate.

  • Blancco Gold Partner
  • Full data erasure
  • GDPR

Advanced data removal

In the data report you can check whether all information has been completely deleted from all parts of your hardware. Each data carrier is listed in the report with a serial number and its configuration. From the biggest server to the smallest part.

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