Purchase of all IT hardware brands, all over Europe

Do you want to sell old computers, laptops, servers, smartphones, storage devices or any other used hardware?

We collect old IT equipment all over Europe, no matter how big the load, and make a detailed inventory with a serial number, technical specifications, a description of the condition, and your asset tags.

We treat all your hardware with the greatest care.
With our many years of experience and our extensive distribution network, you can be sure of a competitive price.

What is your old hardware worth?

Your used IT equipment is worth more than you think.
Request a free valuation now (min. 10 items).

How does collection work from a practical point of view?

We do everything we can to make the collection as smooth and safe as possible. We will pre-install stacking bins to collect the IT equipment, prepare it for transport, and collect it ourselves or work with a transport company experienced in IT and data security.
On arrival, all equipment is immediately transferred to our secure warehouse.

Want to have even more of a positive impact with your IT hardware?

Want to turn your old IT hardware into a positive impact story? Through our Ecubel Foundation, you can donate the residual value of your IT equipment to a good cause of your choice. In this way, you are not only contributing to a circular society, but you are also helping to plant trees or provide vulnerable young people with low-threshold therapy or training that offers job security.


Want to resell used IT equipment within your company?

Want to make your old hardware available to your colleagues?
If that's not making a positive impact, we don't know what is. You make them happy with affordable, high-quality used laptops, PCs, screens and other hardware and let them be part of your circular story.

We take care of certified data deletion and subsequently offer the equipment to your employees or colleagues at a competitive price, complete with upgrades and accessories. Each part comes with a one-year warranty.

Safe dismantling of entire data centres

Would you like to safely dismantle an entire data centre and keep as much material as possible from ending up in landfill?

We will come to you with a specially trained team to safely dismantle everything and recover as much hardware as possible. We dismantle servers, switches, patch panels and routers, delete all data with GDPR-compliant Blancco technology and give XX% a second life.

If certain data carriers need to be completely destroyed, we’ll take care of that with our special shredders.


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